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by Neil Clifton

A fluke, a chance - I just cannot remember how this recipe came about, but I do know which day of the week it was. It was definitely a Wednesday, I know this because this is the day that I had to drop the kids at School, and also pick them up because Emma would be working a 14 our shift in intensive care. That is the night Sir Tom Kirby (as we call him in our house) used to make his trips round to ours, laden with meat from his then employer, Sainsbury's - we used to BBQ and drink a sociable gin.

I had found a mint marinade rub at a farm shop and he had a lamb neck fillet, I had seen some similar dishes in Shangahi where the thin strips of meat were cooked hot and fast over charcoal and thought this would suit it perfectly.


1 lamb neck fillet

35g  Garden mint rub

To Serve:
Sriracha Sauce

Mint and yogurt sauce


1. Slice the lamb neck fillet into 5mm discs.

2. Spread on the rub and marinade for 1 hour min.

3. Set your BBQ for the highest temp you can achieve.

4. Spread the lamb discs onto the grill - allow for the flames to catch the sugar in the rub - turn frequently.

5. When slightly chard but not burned (5/6 mins) remove and allow to rest for 5 minutes.

6. Serve with the sauces and a cocktail stick for a great pre-starter.


Don't be frightened that you get some black gnarly bits, these contrast the soft interiors of the lamb - the combination of sriracha and mint yogurt is a perfect addition. We used to enjoy a Brockmans Gin as a side, I am sure you would too.



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