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by Neil Clifton

There is no better rib than a beef rib, while it was pork ribs that got me obsessed with the BBQ life, I have grown into a bit of a snob about my ribs and beef are my goto right now. You can buy them as single ribs in most supermarket, but my perfect Friday afternoon is cooking a whole rack of ribs, or Jacobs ladder as it is often referred to making this burger knowing I have 5/6 other meals from this one cook.


1 Jacobs ladder (4.5kg)

Salt and Pepper to Season 

40 g Korean red pepper flakes.

Onion Rings:
2 shallots

2tbl spoons of milk.

2 tsp paprika

4 tsp plain flour for coatings

To serve:
Emmental cheese

American Plastic Cheese


Brioche Bun


1. Rub the ribs with salt, pepper and the Korean red pepper flakes.

2. Set up a BBQ for indirect heat and cook at 300F for 3 hours (or internal temp is 170F.

3. Wrap the ribs in 2 layers of cling film and 2 layers of thick foil, place back into the BBQ for 2/3 hours until internal temp is 200F and when skewered the meat is tender and can be pulled apart.

4. Remove from BBQ and allow to rest while preparing the onion rings.

5. Slice the shallots to about 5 mm thickness.

6. Combine the paprika and flour and dredge milk covered onion ring through the mixture. Then lightly fry for 3/4 minutes until golden.

7. Shred 200g of beef rib, place on a plancha or in a pan. Warming gently, cover with the two cheeses.

8. Toast lower and upper half of the bun.

9. Turn the heat up on the pan, place the onion rings and upper half of the brioche bun on top of the rib meat and cheese, cover with a bowl and pour some water on so that the bun, meat, cheese and onions steam.

10. Layer up the lower half of the bun, add pickles and sauce of your choice.

11. Bring the two halves together and enjoy.


If you buy a single rib the cooking method is the same but cooking time will be reduced. You can also choose to cook in the oven.

Left over rib meat is great in pot stickers, used for a chilli, in tacos or rolled into a ball, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried.

WINE SUGGESTION: A Full bodied grape with a lot on tannin and black fruit - it will stand up to the beef and wont get lost with flavour in the overall burger combination.



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