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by Neil Clifton



Welcome to my site, this has come about as my passion for food and photography has grown. My first memories of cooking was in the mid '80's making a Marie Rose Sauce for the prawn cocktail for their dinner party.

BBQ came a close second with my Dad as my teacher. It was such a simple setup, none of the high end equipment that is so easily available now. Just lumpwood charcoal, a grill and a couple of different sized bricks so the fat would always drip to the same end and not burn the food. That, I know now, was my first lesson in heat control and ingredient reactions!

I became obsessed with how the heat changed the reaction of the food and the ingredients in the marinades. Sugars cooking quickly and burning, before the herbs had chance to take their effect a impart their flavour.

Not only was the BBQ simple, the food was too; simple marinated chicken, sausages, and home made burgers, oh, and Ribs - there was always Chinese style ribs, the ones you get from the supermarket with barely any meat on them but an incredible sugar rich sauce that kept me going back for more - after about 3 parties, when I was left in charge to cook for my parents and their friends, I would always cook the ribs last, so everyone was full up on the other food and I could have them to myself!

Ribs is really what got me into the low and slow style of cooking. Slowly smoked pork belly ribs, or babybacks, cooked of apple wood, a vinegar based bbq sauce and a summers day, cold beer and some music - there isn't much better. My obsession to cook smoked ribs led me down a path, to which this day I am still surprised by. From beating full time, American BBQ competition cooks in competitions to catering for the most demanding of rib specialists at the NFL Tailgate parties at Wembley - Ribs just made my passion for BBQ and cooking grow. Add in a new found hobby of photography and we end up at this site - a place which I hope will be useful to anyone who sees my social media posts and will give you an insight into MY experience in the obsessional of wood fired BBQ. 

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