Primo Oval XL

Ceramic BBQ's best known name is Big Green Egg, no doubt they are eggcellent (geddit ;-) ) But 7 years ago I had a friend working for Primo UK and I managed to get my hands on an ex-demonstrator model. 
Why oval? Well, the advantage of an oval BBQ is that you can split the grills and deflector plates (the plates you use to stop direct flames cooking your meat instead of smoking it) It also has a bigger capacity.
Why ceramic? The screaming hot temperatures you can get to sear steaks really quickly and then cut of the airflow and it allows the steak to cook slowly to perfection is the first reason - but really because of the heat retention, meaning on longer cooks, less re-fueling, no temperature spikes ruining your brisket cook. Also, the dome shape means that it can be used as an oven too.
They are expensive, but I have had mine 7 years and cook on it 4 nights a week on average and it shows no sign of wear.

Check out some steak tacos cooked on my Primo Oval XL.